Niho - Cuban Singer

Niho born in Havana, Cuba, currently lives in Houston, Texas. Her first public appearances were as “advertising image” modeling for many Hispanic media advertising campaigns and as a supporting voice for several programs at the Hispanic radio “K-LOVE” (she has been a central figure in “Noches de Fiesta” with Cesar Augusto). She had written and produced several Musicals, between them are “Havana”, “Language of Love” and “Remembering Broadway”.

Niho is a widely known and highly recognized singer in the Houston artistic scene because of her continuous presentations at the most famous night clubs, Festivals and for her roll as Producer and Performer in her own Musicals. She also does presentations in Miami and México.
Variety and versatility are her most appreciated artistic characteristics, along with her captivating voice and musical talent which are supported by a solid and specialized education (she is a graduate of the famous Carnice Musical School of Havana, Cuba). She has performed many times in several operas at a Houston College of Performing Arts where she still continuous studying to further her artistry. Niho is an exciting and vibrant performer who shows her musical talent and excellent voice in the most technically demanding area for any singer: the Opera, but she has a special talent rarely found in singers with highly educated voices because when she sings popular music in her personal presentations she shows a special sensibility a very particular style.

In 2011 she did a show at the Forbbidden City Concert Hall, Beijing (China), presenting her disc with the Allegro Trio, as well at the University of Shengyang. Toured the Dominican Republic with her latest production and she received the "Medalla de la Amistad" (Friendship Award) in the TV program "La Opción de las 12" Niho was also awarded "Mujer del Año 2011 en el Arte" (Women of the Year in the Arts 2011) at the Tributo a la Mujer Hispana Houston.