Houston Salsa Band

Welcome to Houston Salsa Band…Featuring the talented Cuban singer Niho Mozas.

"Houston Salsa Band" is Houston's hottest and most energetic Latin sensation!!! The members of this young local band redefine the new "Look and Feel" of Latin music entertainment. They are proudly recognized as the Houston Salsa Band of choice for all events, weddings receptions, cocktail hours, corporate events and private intimate events, even black tie events.

This band is well known for its professionalism on and off stage. All performances come with a spectacular attention to detail and choreography. And when performing as a Latin quartet or duo, they simply shine on stage.

Every performance is a powerful performance! Without exception Houston Salsa Band delivers presence, energy, excellent music, and a high quality, well-rounded sound. Their performance is crisp, fresh, and brilliantly colorful. They have the charisma of the younger generation of Latin music lovers. Houston Salsa Band puts on a signature stamp on every performance.

With all events, Houston Salsa Band includes FREE DJ services for when the band is off stage. They also include pre-planning services to help you better plan and manage the event. Finally, to give it finesse and style, they also provide FREE MC services for all their events. Frasier Gonzalez is a professional speaker with over 15 years of experience. He can manage all sorts of events, and as one of the band members he provides his services for FREE as part of the band.

Thank you,

Houston Salsa Band